Want to take better photos, but confused by your camera?
I can help.
I have been conducting basic photography courses for a number of years.
The popularity of these courses has shown just how many people would like to take great photos, but do not know how to use their camera to get the best out of it.
The advent of the Digital Camera has transformed photography. Advanced techniques, formerly only available to expert photographers, are now just the press of a button away for everyone. Even the cheaper compact cameras have a wide range of capabilities, many fully automatic. Some photos will come out fine using the camera on automatic. But taking consistently good photos, or ensuring that special photo comes out well, cannot be assured by always leaving it entirely to the camera. To make your photos special you need to understand how your camera operates, and therefore, a few basic principles of photography. Good composition of the photo makes all the difference.
However, the terminology is unfamiliar, and it all seems so complicated, that most people never get round to learning it.
But the basic principles of photography are very simple to understand if explained in an uncomplicated way.
For more information about my camera and photo enhancement courses please visit the 'Courses' page.
Events and Portraits
It is always good to have great photos of those special occasions - weddings, anniversaries, award ceremonies and so on.
It is always good to have great photos of those special occasions. Please contact me if you would like me to produce professional photographs of your event.
I can also take formal portraits, as well as pets (rather less formal if Fido is frisky!)
                                                                           I do photographs for publications such as this one for Cycling Weekly                                                                               Magazine, and have photographed for organisations such as the Royal                                                                            British Legion here in Spain. Please contact me if you have a public or                                                                               private event for which you would like me to take official photos. 
Photo Restoring - slides digitized and printed
Do you have precious old photos that have been damaged, got dusty or you would just like improved or re-printed? Please contact me for a 'without commitment' discussion. You will be amazed what can be done. There is no charge if you are not delighted with the result.
The example below is a photo from 1945 of a wedding in Poland. The original is only 7cm x 11cm, too small to display, faded and covered in spots. The final version after restoration is four times the size. Two copies of the restored photo are going to Poland as a surprise for family members. A third has been framed for the family here in Spain.
Printing & Framing
If you have one or more special photos that you would like to have printed to a professional standard for display, possibly also in a larger size, I can print up to 33cm x 48cm. I use high quality Lyson HD inks.
I can also arrange framing through my special arrangement with a local professional framer, at very competitive prices.
To contact me for more information on an entirely 'no obligation' basis please call me, email me, or complete the contact form on the 'Contact page.
Thank you for visiting my website.